Directions regarding drop off at Keeton House for Reunion 2010

We will have signage on West Campus designating where the class should go to drop off their luggage.  We will have a traffic representative out on Campus Road and Forest Park Ave.


Keeton House-Class of 1970:  On Campus road, enter Forest Park Ave. parking lot behind Noyes Recreation Center.  At the end of the lot there will be a designated stop and drop area where luggage carriers will assist you on getting your luggage to the dorm.  The driver will exit out of the parking lot and turn left on Campus Rd. and then left on West Ave. and park on Libe Slope.  If making the left hand turn is difficult due to traffic flow, then go around the block by exiting out of parking lot and turn right on Campus Rd., right on Stewart Ave., right on University Ave., then right on West Ave. and park on Libe Slope.   


Besides luggage carriers, you may want to assign a committee member from your class to be out there on the busy times to greet classmates and keep the cars from parking.  This area needs to be a stop and drop.  

No cars should drive down the sidewalk onto the plaza down in front of Keeton House.

updated on 06 JUN 2010