Class of ’70 40th Reunion Activities

10 A.M. Friday Morning The Class of '70 Forum at Keeton House: What you should know about the History of Cornell, featuring guest speaker, Corey Earle '07, with our own Anita Harris and others for a lively discussion of history and memories from the Hill.

Friday Evening Reception and Dinner at the Plantations: Think Global and Eat Local – A 100 Mile Dinner of foods grown and produced in the Ithaca area, including

  • Local chicken, sausages and breads;
  • Seasonal strawberries, spinach, greens and rhubarb, and specially stored root vegetables;
  • Finger Lakes cheeses and wines; and
  • Locally brewed beer and cider. Ithaca has so many organic and local specialties, we even found Ithaca tofu!

    This is part of our theme of “Sustainability”. We're showing that you can eat well and still be earth friendly. You would expect no less from the class that celebrated the first Earth Day in April, 1970! In recognition of our focus on sustainability, President Skorton and Robin Davisson will join us for dinner. His commitment to the future has made Cornell a leader in the sustainable campus movement. For more on Cornell’s efforts in this area, please visit .

    Saturday Evening Reception and Dinner: Food From the Land, Sea and Air. Have fun sampling 15 delicious dishes, from Ahi Tuna to Roasted Quail, and Hajiki Salad to Arugula Soufflé.

    And, after a big day on the hill, relax, reconnect with classmates in the Keeton House living room and patio with drinks, snacks and ice cream available all weekend.