Answers to Trivia Quiz #1


1)       2 verses and 1 refrain is acceptable, but there actually are 6 verses and 1 refrain.

2)       161 or 162 steps, depending on your source.

3)       David Fletcher Hoy ,1891, Registrar (Yes, itís Davy, not Davey).Prof. Thomas F. Crane, 1st Dean

4)       Home of Cornell University and Voice of the Big Red

5)       orange

6)       Keuffel and Esser Co, NY ( patented June 5, 1900)

7)       The expected answer was Alpha Delta Fraternity brothers, but also The Big Red Bear mascot is correct

8)       11 pm

9)       There are many variations, but the main ingredients are milk, sugar and brandy or other liquor.

Here is one variation from the brothers at DEKE via Bill Fogle: 6qts Egg Nog, 2 half gallons vanilla ice cream, 1 Qt Bourbon, 1 cup Cognac or Rum, 3 Tbs. Nutmeg. Serves 16.

10)Boston University (March 3, 1967)