Trivia #2 Questions

There was a TRIVIA QUIZ that was like our first prelim--- the results were not up to your abilities, or else it was too hard. No one answered all 10 correctly and actually, the Quiz Master learned that he didnít have the only possible answers.

SOÖ.. there will be a retest. There are 15 questions, and the top 10 scores that are received by June 1,2000 will receive a $20.00 gift.

Even if you donít know every answer, try; pray for a low average, and grading on the curve.


1)      What Hall houses the Cornell Dairy processing plant ,where Cornell bottles milk and makes ice cream (which will be served each night at our reunion headquarters)?

2)†† How many bowling lanes were there (and still are) in Helen Newman Hall?

3)†† What building was being built while we were undergraduates that didnít have any windows until the†††

†††††† Meteorology Department insisted the top floor have windows? (extra credit for formal name)

4)      In the Memorial Room of Willard Straight Hall, excerpts of a letter Willard Straight wrote are engraved in stone over the fireplace. To whom is the letter written?

5)      Barnes Hall has a lovely auditorium on the 3rd Floor with stained glass windows that many of us never saw.However, virtually every classmate visited the 1st floor of Barnes. What was there in 1966?

6)      In 1969 the American Elm in front of the Straight steps was reduced to a 6í stump. Why was the tree cut down?

7)      If the earth moved , for whatever reason , it is recorded on a seismograph in the basement of what building?

8)      There was and still is an operational nuclear reactor in what building in the EngineeringQuad?

9)      What is in the center of Day Hall?

10)   The Temple of Zeus coffee shop opened in 1967 in what building?

11)   Before founding Cornell University, Ezra Cornell founded Cornell College. What state it is it in? (extra credit for the city)

12)   We went to Cornell for a higher education. So, how high is it? What is the field elevation of Tompkins County Airport in feet above sea level? (extra credit if you give the pilotís name)

13)   The memorial naming Cornellians lost in the Vietnam War is in Annabel Taylor Hall. Cornellians lost in WW 2 are engraved in stone between what two towers?

14)   Before we came to Cornell, there was a womanís entrance to Willard Straight Hall. The door is south of the main entrance. What is carved above the door?

15)   An application for admission from a classmate was ignored by the Admissions staff because they thought it was a prank. Who sent in the application ? (Sandra Schorr of Long Beach, NY is not the answer)