Class of 1970 Art Fund at the Johnson Museum

Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee is renowned in American history as the last major conflict of the American Indian wars (1890) and an important benchmark in the westward expansion of the American frontier.  Sadly, it was also the site of a deliberate massacre of some 300 Lakota Sioux men, women and children.  Dylan Graham focuses not on the heroism of the 7th Calvary, which defeated the Indians, nor on the battle itself, but on the daily lives of those who lived in the Indian settlement.  His cut paper medium and realistic imagery combine to make a subtle and poignant statement about US injustice against its indigenous peoples.

Wounded Knee Dylan Graham
Dutch, born New Zealand, 1972
Wounded Knee, 2006
Cut paper
Acquired through the David M. Solinger, Class of 1926, Fund, and through the generosity of the Class of 1970

updated on 25 FEB 2013