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from our September/October 2018 Class Notes column:
It's true!  Our 50th Reunion at Cornell will be celebrated in only 21 months!  Contact your Cornell friends and classmates and plan your trip back to Ithaca, JUne 4-7, 2020.  It will be an exciting and memorable weekend!  Check out our various '70 sites: class website,; Facebook page,; and Twitter page,  To all classmates who want to help with our 50th Reunion (both before and during), e-mail Reunion chairs Sally Anne Levine, JD '73 and Cathy Forster Hogan.

An addendum to news from Diane Christopulos, who appeared in the July/August column: The president of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) is not the president of the USA!  (I asked.)  Diana has now been on the president's advisory circle for several months, in addition to being the president-elect of the Blue Ridge Land Conservancu (BRLC).  As Diana is very busy with other ventures, she will not become the BRLC president until 2019.  Because of the beautiful mountains, perfect four seasons, many colleges and universities, and excellant healthcare, she and Mark McClain moved to Salem, VA, to retire in 2003.  They are 20 minutes from one of the most photographed parts of the Appalachian Trail, McAffe Knob.  Diana completed her section hikes of the entire AT in 2008.  She recently completed two terms as president of the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club, the all-volunteer organization that maintains over 120 miles of the AT in their region.  Diana has spent much of her time helping with opposition to the Mountain Valley Pipeline at all levels of government.  Yes, she is busy!

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from our July/August 2018 Class Notes column:
Our 50th Reunion is less than two years away.  It will be a weekend filled with fun, friends, and festivities.  Plan your journey back to Ithaca and Cornell - June 4-7, 2020 - now!  Be sure to regularly check out our various '70 sites: class website,; Facebook page,; and Twitter page,

Diana Christopulos (Salem, MA) has been named to the president's advisory circle for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (the NGO that manages the Appalachian Trail):  She is also president-elect of the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy, which holds 55 easements in central and western Virginia.

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from our May/June 2018 Class Notes column:
In just two years we will celebrate our 50th Reunion during a fun- and event-filled-weekend party in Ithaca.  The dates are June 4-7. 2020.  Be sure to regularly check out our various '70 sites: our class website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter page,

James Collyer and his wife, Tuty, continue to live in Asia.  He asks, "Retired? Is that a word?"  Presently, he is supporting an education initiative.  James is working to connect theory to practice outcomes.  He has also been doing some writing and finds that he is "still leaning heavily on E.B.White 1921."   (That is wonderful, James.  Elements of Style by our famous fellow Cornellian is one of my favorite high school graduation gifts.  His trilogy of classic children's books is a good idea for new baby gifts too.)  James and Tuty are still chasing their two teens.  The older daughter is in Ithaca.James muses: "How did that happen?!"  He add "Living the cliché: never stop learning!" and notes that this give him great satisaction in his lief.  If he had a day in Ithaca, James would "relish the diversity, sit in a lecture, take in the view from the HFJ, cruise the Botanic Gardens, find a bench in Sapsuker Woods, and count cars with a double scoop of Purity."

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from our March/April 2018 Class Notes column:
The annual Class of 1970 dues mailing for 2018 has begun!  Please join in by paying dues and, most importantly, sending in your news, whether it's about family, retirement or a new career, info on '70 classmates and friends, or memories from our years at Cornell!  Thanks for being an active and involved member of the Class of'70.  A reminder that our 50th Reunion weekend will run from Thursday, June 4, through Sunday, June 7, 2020.  Check out our various sites: class website,; Facebook page; and Twitter page.

Jack Salberg, MBA '71, and his wife, Susan, continue to live in Nashville, TN.  For over ten years now, they have been enjoying retirement and feel fortunate that they remain physically active.  Jack is a proud member of the local men's over 65, level 4.0 tennis team.  They have won the Tennessee state championship two of the last three years.  Last December, they played at the USTA Southern Sectional tennis tournament in Hilton Head, NC.  Recently, Jack and Susan celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary.  They dated throughout most Jack's Cornell days.  He notes that Susan "suffered through her share of toga parties and other events at Cornell in the late '60s".  For the last six years, the three-week summertime "Camp Grandma and Grandpa" for two exclusive campers, grandkids Joshua, 11, and Elsa, 9, has taken place in Nashville.  Jack and Susan love this great, if tiring, tradition.  Seems the kids' parents do too!

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