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from our March/April 2021 Class Notes column:
My first attempt at writing this issue's column was in late October.  The election was 15 days away.   Anxiety filled my days, and the days of those around me, both friends and patients alike.  COVID was growing.  My deadline was six weeks away, so I began writing to feel better!  I'm finished now, after Thanksgiving.  THe election is essentially over, excepting the Senate.  COVID still roars thorugh America, keeping us from being with family and valued friends.  I see my own anxiety and that of those around me and have found experiences and connections to help diminish it.

One of my recent anxiety-relieving experiences is the brainchild of Tony Chen '12, ME '12 (") of the Cornell Club of Washington, DC.  A feature of Zoom that some of you may be familiar with is the "breakout room."  Tony and the D.C. club have been sponsoring Zoom-based mixers, where any Cornellian may join.  After a brief intro, poeple are randomly placed in breakout rooms with perhaps six individuals.  We have a question about Cornell to answer, or just do introductions and bring things up.  Given the amazing variety and geographical diversity of Cornellians, these sessions tend for the most part to be very interesting conversations.  THere could be a neighbor, or an old friend, or someone that one has never met before, yet connection commences.   One of my earliest experiences with this found me in a small group with Steve Ludsin who was m next-door neighbor freshman year!  A more recent event placed me in a group with artist classmate Andrea Strongwater.  The events are scheduled to last an hour or so, yet many people wind up staying for much longer, sharing experiences and building relationships.  Interestingly, other Cornell communities are using this idea, including the Daily Sun and the Continuous Reunion Club.  Find a group and connect!

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from our January/February 2021 Class Notes column:
It is not often that this class has had a change in the writer of this column; in fact, it has only happened once before!  For about 40 years, since Cornell Daily Sun veteran the late Barton Reppert was posted overseas, Connie Ferris Meyer has labored for each appearance of this column to keep us all up to date on the lives and adventures of our fellow classmates.  I will endeavor to do the same, with your help and news.

So, you may ask, who is the new person?  Who is John Cecilia?  Some of you with extraordinary memories may recognize me from long-ago photo credits and an occasional sportds article in the Daily Sun, or as a long-ago class officer and eventually class president for a period of time.  Graduating from Mechanical Engineering, I returned to Ithaca in 1977 to attend the Johnson School, finishing an MBA in 1979.  In 1999 and 2000, I was the catalyst for beginning the Class of 1970 Scholarship, which survives and thrives to this day, thanks to the generosity of all of you.  In recent years you may have received letters from Connie and me, asking you to pay class dues.  So my name may be one of those on the edge of your memory.  And we are a Cornell familiy.  My late father, Carl Cecilia '42, and my sister Carla Cecilia Purdy '67 both walked the Hill.  I currently still work, not as an engineer but as a psychotherapist in the north suburbs of Chicago, have obtained yet another degree and becoming licensed as a clinical social worker in Illinois.

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from our November/December 2020 Class Notes column:
Happy trails to you,/Until we meet again to all my classmates and friends as I write my LAST column for the members of Cornell's Legendary Class of 1970.  For me, it has been a long and intriguing journey and adventure of perhaps 40 years.  Along the way, I made new friends whom I had not known as undergrads and kept up with many of you that i had known during our four incredible years on the Hill.  My sincere thanks to all who helped make my job interesting and easy.  Over the years (decades actually), I have felt deep gratitude for the kind and thoughtful messages that a number of you have sent me.

Our first class correspondent was the late Barton Reppert.  When Bart received his overseas assignment to go to Moscow with AP or UPI, I became correspondent.  I still do not know what I was thinking when I decided to follow in the footsteps of a professional journalist!  Nor do I really remember when I started my tenure.  If our late classmate Hank Brittingham were still living, I could call him and he would know.  He should have been our class historian from the very beginning after graduation.  When I first started writing these columns, I wrote them out in longhand on a yellow legal pad, then typed them on my portable manual typewriter that I had used since high school.  Next, I had to mail them to the CAM Class Notes editor in Ithaca.  I do not recall when we got our first computer, but it was no earlier than 1990 and closer to the mid-90s.  At least at that point, I could compose my columns, print them out, and snail mail them to Ithaca.  Finally email (likely the late '90s) made it simple and fast to get a column to Ithaca.  Still, I usually missed the deadline.  Such kind and thoughtful editors I have had all these 40 years!  Thank you, Elsie, Adele, and Alex.  No matter how I wrote and delivered my columns, to put names and faces together in my mind I made good use of both our unique two-volume boxed set 1970 yearbook and our infamous "Pig Book," officially known as 1970 Freshman Register.  Both remain prized possesions of mine.

My "retirement" means that the Class of 1970 will have a new correspondent.  Our friend and classmate John Cecilia, MBA '79 will take on the job, starting with the January/February 2021 column.  John has been an active and involved member of our class on and off since graduation.  At our 5th Reunion in 1975, he became our class president; most recently, he has been our membership chairman, so his name should be familiar from the News & Dues solicitations he has sent out each spring, from 2016 to 2020.  John, I thank you for filling the role of class correspondent, as well as all the past contributions you have made to the class.  John in an active member in Cornell's Continuous Reunion Club (CRC), and he returns to Ithaca for Reunion weekend each year.

I will have two new roles with the Class of '70, as our first-ever class historian and as our immediate past president.  I will begin work on our Class History soon; to start I will research and write about the many specific happenings from fall 1966 through spring 1970.   I plan to provide more information both about our first five years post-graduation as well as the past 50 years.  I will include John's past involvement as well as that of other Class of '70 member, and I will write about a variety of class officers in those early years after our most memorable Commencement in Barton Hall in June 1970.  Our Class History will be a work in progress - I hope to hear from many of you about your memories from 1966-1970 and beyond.

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