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from our July/August 2020 Class Notes column:
The time for our 50th Reunion has come and gone, and, as you all know, our weekend party on the Hill was canceled due to the worldwide coronavirus crisis.  This turn of events is disappointing to so many Cornell alums.  In addition, the 2020 Cornell graduates have not had their much-anticipated and hard-earned Commencement ceremony at Schoellkopf.  As I write in late April, we are in the midst of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.  My desire is that by July, when this issue is published, the extreme difficulties involving both the health of so many and our economy will have improved.  It is my hope and wish that all of you, my friends and classmates, have come through this unprecedented time both safe and healthy.

Below you wiil find interesting news from our classmate Beverly Tanenhaus who writes, "I know in the terrible scheme of things, it's trivial, but I'm really disappointed that we lost our 50th Reunion.  Yet, it's somehow ironically fitting for the Class of 1970, educated through turmoil and upheaval.  Remember the Straight takeover, the glorious sit-in at Barton Hall, the marches and teach-ins, the protest poems by Jesuit Daniel Berrigan pinned to trees on the Arts Quad?"  I had been reflecting upon our four years as undergrads at Cornell an all that we experienced, and Beverly put many of my musings into her own words.  Thank you.

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from our May/June 2020 Class Notes column:
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Irving McPhail is the founder and chief strategy officer of the McPhail Group LLC based in Amawalk, NY.  His book, Success Factors for Minorities in Engineering, which was co-authored with Jacqueline Fleming, has been published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.  The results and analyses of a study established by the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Inc. (HACME) and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) are presented in Irving's book.  The main intent of the two-pronged study was to determine differences between minority and non-minority engineering students, as well as differences between minorities in engineering and minorities in general.  One conclusion drawn from the evidence is that minorities in engineering "are a special sort who solved problems rather than complain about failure or prejudice."  Adjustment matters in engineering success while academic skills matter as much or more.  The study indicates taking problem-based courses, doing research, and doing internships work powerfully to yield engineering success.  One further point established was that women perform as well or better than their male counterparts.

In early January 2020, John Heintz was honored with Legal Aid Society of District of Columbia's prestigious Servant of Justice Award.  He is a partner in the insurance recovery group of the Blank Rome LLP law firm.  John received the award in recognition of his "demonstrated faithful dedication and remarkable acheivement in ensuring that all persons have equal and meaningful access to justice."  His award was to be presented at the 31st annual awards dinner on April 22, 2020 in Washington, DC.  John says that it was a great privilege to work with Legal Aid as he helped to advance the fight for fair and equal access to justice for those who need it most.  John has served on the board of directors of the Washington Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, and has been a fellow at the Neighborhood Legal Services Program.  John has made pro bono work a central part of his career for 40 years.  He worked pro bono of issues of discrimination and unfair practices in both the housing and insurance industries.  He has also been an integral part of his law firm's devotion to supporting their communities.

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from our March/April 2020 Class Notes column:
Here is a special message from our Class of 1970 50th Reunion chairwomen, Sally Anne Levine, JD '73, and Cathy Forster Hogan: "Come back to Cornell for our 50th Reunion.  This will be a grand event!  The Reunion committee has planned a great schedule of class events along with Cornell's famous Reunion lectures, tours, activities, concerts, and more.  Reconnect with your classmates and encourage them to meet you back at Reunion  The Finger Lakes area and the campus are so beautiful you will fall in love with them all over again - especially when you are not worrying about studying and exams!  Watch for registration materials in late March.  We only have one 50th Reunion.  Pleaes don't miss it!"

As you know, the Class of '70 has a designated 50th Reunion e-mail address:  Use it to connect directly to Sally Anne and Cathy as they are anxious to hear from you with questions, ideas, concerns, and suggestions regarding our 50th.  And, of course, they want you to volunteer to help with any part of Reunion, both before and during.  Many of you have memorized the dates, but just in case: Thursday, June 4, 2020 at Noon until Sunday morning, June 7, 2020.  See you in three months!  Remember to connect to our Cornell Class of 190 website:

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from our January/February 2020 Class Notes column:
In a short five months, many of us will gather in Ithaca to commemorate and celebrate our 50th Reunion at Cornell.  It will be the culmination of untold hours over many months of very hard work and a great deal of creativity by our two amazing Reunion chairwomen, Cathy Forster Hogan, BS '00, and Sally Anne Levin, JD '73.  The Class of '70 has a designated 50th Reunion e-mail address:  PLease use it to connect directly with Sally Anne and Cathy and their Reunion committee to volunteer your help before, during, or after (or all of the above) our special weekend.  They want to hear from you with questions, ideas, concerns, and suggestions regarding our Reunion.  I am thinking that many of you have memorized the dates, but here they are again, just in case: Thursday, June 4, 2020 until Sunday, June 7, 2020!

Tom Newman, our co-chair of affinity groups along with Toby Marion, tells me that any Class of 1970 classmates who would like to contact members of their particular affinity group should please contact Tom at  More of our '70 classmates will attend our 50th Reunion when they know their friends, teammates, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, fellow members of clubs and organizations, freshman dorm-mates, and more are planning to attend.  This is a perfect time to start this important networking if you haven't already!

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from our November/December 2019 Class Notes column:
Happy Holidays to all my Cornell friends and classmates.  The past 12 months have moved through my life so quickly once again (and perhaps through yours as well).  I wish all of you good times, good health, and a very good 2020.

The celebration of our June 1970 graduation from our fair Cornell at our 50th Reunion is only seven short months away!  You have read the dates for our 50th for the last five years, and here they are again: Thursday, June 4, 2020 until Sunday, 07 June 2020!  Please contact our two incredible 50th Reunion Chairwomen, Sally Anne Levine and Cathy Forster Hogan, at this designated Class of 1970 50th Reunion e-mail address:  They are excited to hear from you with questions, ideas, concerns, suggestions, and, of course, offers to volunteer before, during, and after (or all of the above!) with any aspect of our 50th Reunion, large or small.  And we are all looking forward to seeing you in June 2020 at our fun and event-filled weekend at Cornell.

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from our September/October 2019 Class Notes column:
Countdown is just NINE MONTHS until we gather on the Hill to celebrate graduating from Cornell in May 1970!  Make a note of the dates for our 50th Reunion: June 4-7, 2020.  It's very important to contact friends and classmates now!  Connect with every '70 classmate and friend you can think of to plan meeting in Ithaca in June 2020.  Keep those ideas and suggestions coming to our amazing 50th Reunion chairs, Sally Anne Levine, JD '73, and Cathy Forster Hogan, for our weekend party and celebration.   Volunteers interested in helping with our 50th Reunion (either before or during), contact Cathy and Sally Anne at this special 50th Re-union e-mail address:  And, as always, check out our '70 sites: our class website,; our Facebook page,; and our Twitter page,  Have you moved recently, or do you have a new e-mail address?  Please update your contact information at: When Cornell (and the Class of '70) has your current info, you will receive our future 50th Reunion and Class of '70 communica  Let's work together to make this our best '70 Reunion ever.

Charlie, JD '73, and Debbi Gerard Adelman MS ’74, are enjoying retirement and stay active in the dance world through board activity, attendance, and support.  Spending time with daughter Karen, son and duaghter-in-law Mark '05 and Amy Green Adelman '06, and twin grandsons Eli and Andrew ('36?), who are all residents of NYC, brings them great joy.  Charlie and Debbi help organize annual Pi Lambda Phi mini-reunions, most recently in January 2019 in South Florida with class-mates Steve Steinberg and wife Jenny, Steve Meyerson and wife Linda, Stuart Lemle and wife Marian, Art Litowitz and wife June, and Becky Van Buren, widow of Jeff Baer, and her husband, Steve Blatt.  They hope to see many classmates at our 50th in June 2020!

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