Class of 1970 Art Fund at the Johnson Museum


Diana Cooper’s Trip, 2006, is a three-dimensional, wall-mounted work that blends organic and rigidly geometrical shapes to explore the competing effects of order and chaos.  Art critic Christopher Knight, writing in the Los Angeles Times, described Cooper’s works as "visualization[s] of the way a computer virus might work: Havoc occurs through precise channels of organization, manic energy merges with exacting control and data seem to wobble between ferocious and benign."  Cooper herself has noted that "digital, biological and medical systems are our life support systems but they can fail us too.  In their complexity they become unstable and sometimes quite fragile."

Trip Diana Cooper
American, born 1964
Trip, 2006
Mixed media on paper
Acquired through the generosity of the Class of 1970

updated on 25 FEB 2013