The listing of our 2020-2025 Class Officers is HERE.
05OCT2021 - Hard-copy editions of Cornell Alumni Magazine are no longer being published. A new on-line publication called Cornellians is replacing CAM and the initial issue is now available.
[from an email sent on 07JUN2021 from Cathy Hogan and Sally Anne Levine, Reunion Co-Chairs]
Class of '70 Reunion Souvenirs

Class of 1970

In this period when everything is virtual, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to receive something that you could actually touch – Class of '70 Reunion Souvenirs.

Beautiful 50th Reunion SCOUT
TM bags were to be distributed at the anticipated in-person 50th Reunion celebration in June 2020. Though we weren't able to gather on The Hill, we are happy to now make our specially customized '70 SCOUTTM bags available for you to purchase.


The Pleasure Chest Picnic Cooler and the Plus One Duo were both created in fabric specially ordered for us with "Cornell" colors and embroidery. Feel free to order more than one!

Pleasure Chest                Plus One Duo

Learn more about souvenir product size and specifications
Learn more about Deb Waterman Johns '79, SCOUTTM
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

We are so disappointed that our June 2020 50th Reunion and June 2021 51st Reunion with the Class of '71 weren't able to be held on campus ... and of course, we look forward to seeing you on campus June 5-8, 2025 to celebrate our 55th!


Best regards,
Cathy Hogan and Sally Anne Levine, Reunion Co-Chairs


Questions?  Contact us at:



Virtual Reunion 2021

Thanks to our good friends in the Class of 1971 for inviting us to join their 50th Reunion celebrations which were held June 10-13!

Questions? Contact:
Cathy Hogan '70 and Sally Anne Levine '70, Reunion co-chairs

16MAR2021 - A message from our President Sally Anne Levine that was recently mailed to all of our class
Dear '70 Classmate,

If this past year has taught us anything, it is the value of our communities and our connections to one another. Whether you have remained in close touch with our '70 classmates over the years or recently tuned in to a virtual gathering for the first time, Cornell remains a community ready to welcome you with open arms. You are an important member of our Cornell family.

Staying active in our class is vital to maintaining our shared community. The Class of '70 plans activities, events, and special projects that keep us connected to each other and to Cornell. Nearly everything we plan as a class—from online events to on-campus traditions—is made possible by class members' paying class dues, which we hope you will do at this time. Because the Cornell Magazine is ceasing publication, the dues amount has been reduced.

The enclosed dues form (Pay Dues Here) also provides an opportunity for you to support our Class of 1970 Scholarship and the Class of 1970 Spirit Fund. By contributing to these funds, you will be making a philanthropic gift to Cornell in addition to paying your class dues. For fiscal year 2021, our scholarship is projected to provide $5,717 in undergraduate support. The recipient for academic year 2020-2021 is a young woman in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Our Spirit Fund contributes approximately $4,000 each year to Touchdown the Bear – you may have noticed that Touchdown always sports a "70" jersey – as well as to the cheerleaders and the outstanding senior athletes banquet.

We hope you will choose to stay involved by becoming a 2021-2022 class dues payer and to support current Cornell students and assure the ongoing spirit of Cornell by making an additional gift to one or both of our class funds. Your contributions help make our continued connections possible. Thank you!

Sally Anne Levine '70, Class President

P.S. As always, dues payers will receive exclusive discounts via the Big Red Marketplace.

P.P.S. Paying class dues is not considered the same as making an outright gift to Cornell. Class dues support class specific programs while other gifts to Cornell support the broader initiatives of Cornell. Similar to your other philanthropic giving, class dues are tax-deductible.
Cornell's Seventh Annual Giving Day was held on Thursday, March 11, 2021.

What is it?  It is an annual day when alumni, parents, friends, and Big Red worldwide come together to make a difference for Cornell, and so too for the world.  Please look at the website for Cornell Giving Day 2021: to find answers to your questions and much more information about Giving Day 2021.  It covered a full 24 hours from 12:00 a.m. until 11:59 p.m., "Ithaca Time".  There are descriptions of challenges and updates on donations to all manner of areas of the University.

Please keep in mind that the Legendary Class of 1970 has three established gifts to Cornell: we have two endowments: The Class of 1970 Scholarship Fund (which has been awarding scholarships to Cornell undergrads annually for many years) and The Spirit of the Class of 1970 Fund (used to support and sustain: 1. Touchdown the Big Red Bear; 2. The Cornell Cheerleading Squad; and 3. The Annual Senior Athlete Banquet).  Our third fund is The Class of 1970 Art Fund (which has been used to purchase or assist in obtaining several works of art for Cornell's Johnson Museum of Art).  Please use the following info when making a donation to any (or all!) of these three funds.
  • The Class of 1970 Scholarship Endowment Fund : #112322
  • The Class of 1970 Art Fund: #0000553
  • The Spirit of the Class of 1970 Endowment Fund: #0010033
03JUN2020: Created as a part of the VIRTUAL Reunion 2020 please check out this short video about Judy Chicago at the Johnson Museum of Art which includes a shout-out to the Class of 1970: click here.
Note: this video contains a small amount of nudity.
Check out the pages about the Class of 1970 Contemporary Art Fund at the Johnson Museum of Art:
Andrea Inselmann, the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art & Photography at the Johnson Museum of Art , produced a very comprehensive brochure for Reunion to show the acquisitions funded by our Class of 1970 Contemporary Art Fund.  Please click here to view the brochure.  You can go to About Us..Class Legacy or click here for more information about our Class of 1970 Art Fund.
A gift from our classmate Martin Tang has enabled Cornell to have a new Welcome Center.  Check out this article from the Cornell Chronicle:  Welcome Center will be 'wonderful gateway to Cornell'
We are looking for pictures related to Affinity Groups (Fraternities, Sororities, Clubs, Freshman Corridor, etc.) that we can post on our site.  If you have any, please send them to our Webmaster.
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