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[from an announcement by Joel Malina, Vice President, University Relations]
During the past week, as thousands of Cornellians have mourned the passing of President Garrett, they have found many moving ways to remember and honor her.  On the Ithaca campus, hundreds of students held a candlelight vigil in front of Willard Straight and paid tribute by sharing music and their memories of President Garrett.  Colleagues and friends on campus and across the country joined Cornellians to offer reflections on her passing.  To honor her wishes and her legacy, Weill Cornell Medicine has established a fund to advance research in colon cancer.  A second fund, Student Scholarships in memory of President Elizabeth Garrett, will support students with need on the Ithaca campus.  Her family asks that memorial gifts be directed to either fund.  At this time of great sadness for Cornell, the relationships you have built with fellow alumni can be an invaluable source of mutual support.  Please encourage them to connect with one another and with the university through Cornell's social media and

     View a recording of the Memorial gathering for Cornell President Elizabeth Garrett: click here.
Our 45th Reunion was held 04-07 JUN 2015.

Thanks to Bill & Gail Wallis and their team for all of the hard work that went into making it a really memorable reunion.

Please click here to go to our Reunion 2015 page.

You can see pictures from Reunion that were taken by our classmates here.  Please note that this is a work in progress because new pictures are still being submitted, so check back often.
13NOV15 - FINAL CALL: if you have Reunion pictures that you haven't sent in yet, please do it NOW!  THANKS!!

Reunion 2015 Crossword Puzzle (courtesy of Fred Piscop)
  (solution to the puzzle)

Check out the timeline from when we were on campus 45 years ago:
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Touchdown visits Washington DC in his '70 jersey
Touchdown DC
We are looking for pictures related to Affinity Groups (Fraternities, Sororities, Clubs, Freshman Corridor, etc.) that we can post on our site.  If you have any, please send them either our Webmaster or Bill Wallis.
Check out the pages about the Class of 1970 Contemporary Art Fund at the Johnson Museum of Art :
Andrea Inselmann, the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art & Photography at the Johnson Museum of Art , produced a very comprehensive brochure for Reunion to show the acquisitions funded by our Class of 1970 Contemporary Art Fund.  Please click here to view the brochure.  You can go to About Us..Class Legacy or click here for more information about our Class of 1970 Art Fund.
24MAR2015 A message from our President (and Class Correspondent) Connie Ferris Meyer:
Greetings to ALL of my fellow Class of 1970 classmates!  I expect that most or all of you have received at least one e-mail message from Cornell about the First Annual Cornell Giving Day!  Perhaps you have received several such notifications from various aspects of the University.  I have!

Cornell's Giving Day will be tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

I realize that many of you have very specific areas of Cornell to which you donate funds.  That being noted and said, I want to be sure you are aware that the Legendary Class of 1970 has established three funds that are in fact gifts from our class to the University and the Cornell Community.

We have two endowments, The Class of 1970 Scholarship Fund (which has been awarding scholarships to Cornell undergrads annually for many years) and The Spirit of the Class of 1970 Fund (being used to support and sustain: 1. Touchdown the Big Red Bear; 2. The Cornell Cheerleading Squad; and 3. The Annual Senior Athlete Banquet.).  Our third fund is The Class of 1970 Art Fund (which has been used to purchase or assist in obtaining several works of art for Cornell's Johnson Museum of Art).  Further information on the Art Fund can be found here on our website.  I would be happy to provide more info to anyone who is interested.

Should you decide to donate funds to one of our '70 Funds, either tomorrow for the Giving Day, or for our ongoing 45th Reunion Cornell Fund Campaign, or any time, please use these names and fund numbers:
    1. The Class of 1970 Scholarship Endowment Fund : #112322
    2. The Class of 1970 Art Fund: # 0000553
    3. The Spirit of the Class of 1970 Endowment Fund: #0010033

Thanks for your support of Cornell and the Class of 1970.  Hope you see many of you at our 45th Reunion in just about 70 days!


President and Class Correspondent
Class of 1970
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